About us

PAFOS SA is a family business that has been evolving and expanding the over the last 62 years and now has a deep expertise in custom and mass manufacture of furniture. We were founded in 1948 and moved to large premises at Inofita Viota, Greece, in 2001. In 2016 we expanded our factory facilities further by adding 4000sqm to our existing 6.000sqm factory.

This expansion has allowed us to install the best in class production processes and machinery. We operate fully automated manufacturing systems for the mass production of our client’s wooden products. To maintain the best and fastest production standards we have a constant factory investment programme.

We also structure and staff our company with fully trained specialists at every level to help our clients realize their mass production and furniture designs. We have internal Production Managers, Financial Analysts, Industrial Designers and many more specialists that guarantee we can give our clients the best service at the best price.

We are an adaptable business and can handle many different furniture specialisms, our main areas of expertise being retail display fixtures, retails stores, hotel interiors and residential projects. For all these specialisms we can give you a full service; translating your design with our expert industrial designers, manufacture, deliver and install.

Carrying a 70-year heritage in furniture design and manufacturing, PAFOS S.A. has evolved from a small family business to a modern, fully automated, mass and custom furniture production company. Since 2000, we operate in the Oinofyta Industrial Zone. Over the years, we have managed to earn a strong positioning in the Greek furniture market, thanks to our contemporary and sophisticated operational strategy.

Our production line is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, which is integrated into a segmented and fully automated operational unit, supported by R&D, Technical, Financial and Business Development departments. This group of human and technical resources, along with our company’s long-lasting experience, constitutes a structure capable of delivering at optimum quality levels.

Our business

We provide our customers with integrated solutions, by undertaking each furniture project from its industrial scale design to the final installation.

Our philosophy

For all of us here at PAFOS S.A., every project is a unique challenge. Every suggestion towards our customers is made after thorough research, while taking into consideration all the latest trends and approaches in smart design and construction.

Our vision

We aim to provide solutions that combine ergonomics, functionality and elegance, without sacrificing quality.

Our added value

We have a well-organized Research & Development department, constantly searching new, modernized materials and innovative methods in manufacturing.
When combining our flexibility on furniture construction with the production automation of the production, you get high quality offerings at a low cost and prompt delivery.

Ecological awareness

All materials used are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. At the same time, in every part of the manufacturing process there is appropriate mechanical equipment for separating and recycling of products.