Certifications & Awards

In PAFOS S.A. we aim at continuous improvement and upgrading of our products, processes and methods.

Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, thus confirming our commitment to keep pace with all active requirements and conditions necessary for manufacturing products, processing materials and best-in-class procedures. Moreover, the company is certified for safety, reliability and quality of all offered products and services.

Furthermore, our ISO 14001:2004 certification demonstrates our eco-friendly conscience. We are committed to our goal for continuously shrinking our ecological footprint. Hence, we apply “green” tactics and methods across the range of our processes.

PAFOS S.A. is also OHSAS 18001:2004 certified, which relates to the Occupational Health and Safety of our personnel. We are committed to reducing health and safety hazards and accidents, by providing a safer working environment within our premises and safe work practices on off-site installations or customer support sessions.

Pafos SA scored an overall facility score of 97% in WORKPLACE CONDITIONS ASSESMENT REPORT. The Audit was performed by the company ASIA INSPECTOR and highlights our commitment to providing working conditions that ensure the safety and health of our manpower.

PAFOS S.A. is certified with the Workplace Condition Assessment award by INTERTEK.

Last but not least, PAFOS S.A. has an FSC® Certification for using controlled and approved wood from certified forests. Thereby, we demonstrate the use of effective methods and best practices, throughout the whole range of our operations and procedures.