Corporate Social Responsibility

PAFOS S.A. is a socially responsible firm, strategically committed to operate with respect to the environment, its manpower and the local communities.

Thus, our company functions under strict policies, principles and values for developing and promoting the main pillars of corporate social responsibility:

Focus on our people

We know that our people is the driving force behind our development and growth. For that reason, we make sure that all of our employees have access to equal opportunities and we encourage both personal and professional progress, by providing continuous and effective coverage of educational needs.

We respect and abide by the legal frameworks that protect our employees and we adhere to all corresponding provisions. At the same time, we constantly control the working environment, by taking every measure necessary so as to ensure their health and safety.

We are an ISO 18001:2004 certified company, proving that we care about the Occupational Health and Safety of our personnel. We are committed to reducing health and safety accidents, by providing a safer working environment inside or out of our premises.

PAFOS S.A. scored an impressive 97% overall in the Workplace Conditions Assessment Report. The Audit was performed by the company “Asia Inspector” and highlights our commitment to providing working conditions that ensure the safety and health of our manpower.

Environmental Protection

Protecting our environment is one of our top priorities. On a daily basis, we operate by following strict eco-friendly practices and we take all necessary precautions.

In parallel, we make sure to constantly upgrade our processes and to provide training sessions to our personnel for the adoption and use of best practices, in order to effectively reduce our ecological footprint. In each and every project we undertake, we aim to conserve natural resources, in compliance with all relevant legislations.

Our ISO 14001:2004 certification demonstrates our eco-friendly conscience and our FSC certification – for using controlled and approved wood from certified forests – proves the use of effective methods and best practices, throughout the whole range of our operations and procedures.

Contribution to partners and local community

For all of us in PAFOS S.A., education and development of all parties associated with the company is an indisputable priority. In this context, we seek continuous training and information towards our suppliers, our partners and customers and the local communities in which we operate, to ensure sustainability and social responsibility.

We take all the necessary measures by cooperating with the local authorities for the smooth coexistence with the local community.
In order to ensure and successfully implement our policy on corporate social responsibility, we at PAFOS S.A. are committed to the use of all necessary measures and the allocation of all available resources.