Production capacities

Machinery | Wood Processing

2pcs of 4-Axis CNC Machine with Edge Banding.

2pcs of 4-Axis CNC Machine (Homag Group).

1pc of 5-Axis CNC Machine (Homag Group).

Complete processing of work pieces from sizing and jointing trimming to grooving or universal trimming (Homag Group).

Automated Material Storage (Homag Group).

Handling Portal (robot system) for fully automated feeding of a framing station & automated saw center (Homag Group).

Series of machinery for handling solid wood.

Paint workshop

3pcs of Sanding machines.

Edge sanding machine.

High gloss polishing machine for surfaces.

High gloss polishing machine for edges.

Paint chambers & dryer champers.

Automated computerized painting system.

Machine of solvent/thinner recycle management.

Digital printing

3pcs of Printer Roll to Roll.

2pcs of Printer Flatbed.

Laser & Polishing

2pcs of Laser machine for processing of acrylics, wood & metal.

Polishing machine for acrylic edges.

Plexi and Corian Processing

Accessories Equipment

Quality Control

Packing and Storing

Transport & Delivery